I used to keep old screenshots of my desktop around, but I've lost them. I'm adding this page so I can look back at old desktop set-ups I've had before. Links for all Rainmeter stuff and other resources will be below each. Click for full size view of the desktop.
Current Desktop
Rainmeters used:   Raw Time 3 by MunaNazzal   BloomingDays/Power by MunaNazzal   BloomingDays/Menu by MunaNazzal   BloomingDays/Twitter by MunaNazzal   Mond/Weather by HipHopium   Mond/Clock by HipHopium   Just a Bin by MixSilmeria Extra Icons: Ecqlipse 2 pack by Chrfb Artwork used: All are by Re° (Pixiv ID: 1243903) Stock used:   Hardwood with lights by Zyklophon   Tape stock pack by Danigranger Notes: The font used with all of them is Cavorting, which was my change for some of these. I added the box to make Just a Bin look like it went with the BloomingDays boxes. The Twitter box was changed to being for mail, which is where the Ecqlipse icon was used. Messed around with the size of the menu, weather, and the clock a bit.
Past Desktops
Rainmeters used:   Thumby Clock by Murasaki55   Thumby Calendar by Murasaki55   Spirit/Day by MunaNazzal   Spirit/Menu by MunaNazzal   Spirit/Note by MunaNazzal Artwork used: K Project official art (should be in my K Project section somewhere) Stock used:   Washi tape pack by KinderByuno   Cloth texture by ??? (can't find source anymore) Notes: Thumby Clock & Calendar and the cloth texture were recolored by me. I messed around a bit with the menu and notes as well, to get the color and size I wanted.