Long ago, in an ancient past, I had a notes page on my main site with background info on various stories. Then it dawned on me. No one gives a shit about that. So, I took it down. Since this site exists solely for my on viewing interest, this notes section will be a quick reference of things for me. It will be broken down into four sections: Mists, GA Apocalypse, Journey, and Other. As all my writing is connected, these categories are largely arbitrary and will be based on whatever they connect to more. The entire universe is set in an alternative timeline where most modern stuff is 1:1, but history, countries, borders, etc are not necessarily the same. I have my reasons, and they are all petty. Mists and GA Apocalypse can be thought of as Past and Present, as they exist on the same planet. This does not mean Mists takes place in the Americas, LMAO. Anything under the Journey category is on a separate planet somewhat similar to Earth and follows the same rules of magic present in Mists. Other means I don't actually know where it falls, and will sort that out later. Mists Family Echo: Family tree is hosted here. I need to update the dates on this. GA Apocalypse nothing yet Journey nothing yet Other nothing yet